Monday, January 18, 2010

Retail Hell by Freeman Hall -- A Book Review

An aspiring screenwriter moves to California and finds himself financially crunched. He accepts a job as a commissioned handbag salesman in a luxury department store.

Freeman Hall takes us through the horrifying and funny encounters he had nightmares about. Hall devises a category for various customers based on recurring behaviors. Some are rather dramatic.

As a true life tale of his adventures, the book entertains. It is a piece of commiseration for those that have suffered through retail jobs.

Hall’s characters are at times two dimensional. He fell short of developing his coworkers into identifiable people. His straightforward prose pulls the reader into his world. As a whole this was an enjoyable read.

This promotional copy was received during BookExpo America 2009 as a free marketing tool by either the publisher or author and was given to many attendees. It was not given to me to review. I did not receive any compensation from the publisher or author for this review.

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