Friday, March 26, 2010

Knock Me for a Loop by Heidi Betts -- A Book Review

Grace Fisher surprised her fiance, Zack Hoolihan, at an away game and found a woman in his hotel bed. She storms out and will not listen to his claims of innocence. Several months later they are both still agonizing over the broken engagement, when they find themselves in a tenuous situation.

Grace moves back in with Zack to temporarily take care of injuries he suffered during a hockey game. Soon the old feelings cause them to revisit old wounds and the truth about the woman in that hotel room.

Heidi Betts wrote a story that draws the reader in and emotionally invests them in the characters' relationship. At times, the reader will feel anger at their stubbornness while still maintaining sympathy for their situation. Betts writes characters and situations that are believable and identifiable for her readers.

Betts sporadically stumbles over redundancy in her descriptions but these instances are minor enough that most readers won't find them bothersome. The language is direct and moves the story along at a consistent pace.

The book is sprinkled with wonderful gems - words that pleasantly wet the logophile's appetite. Readers will look forward to other books from Betts.

This book was purchased by myself at a retail chain. It was not given to me for review. I did not receive any compensation from the publisher or author for this review.

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