Saturday, July 18, 2009

Another Faust by Daniel & Dina Nayeri -- A Book Review

Five children from various cities disappear one night only to reappear years later in New York City. They are part of the Faust family. Each has their own desires for what they feel is success. The events that led the children to reach out to the governess in the first place are directly related to the ideas of success that each desires. In order for them to achieve their "success" they make deals with their governess for gifts/abilities.

There are prices for receiving these gifts. As each desires more, there are more questions about the motives of the governess. What is she really trying to accomplish? What is in it for her?

The authors paint a great picture of the flaws in desiring superficial accolades to heal an emotional hurt. As each character develops, their fragile natures are explored. As much as this is a modern view of the Faustian bargain, it is a close tale of the pressures many teenagers will face today.

The authors are able to use not only spoken language but thoughts to truly convey what is happening for each character. You feel the pressures, insecurities, drives, and desires of them. The reader will not just be told what is happening. They will become part of the world created. Readers will relate to and enjoy reading this book.

This promotional copy was received during BookExpo America 2009 as a free marketing tool by either the publisher or author and was given to many attendees. It was not given to me to review. I did not receive any compensation from the publisher or author for this review.

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