Sunday, July 5, 2009

Whacked by Jules Asner -- A Book Review

Dani is a writer on a TV crime drama Flesh and Bones. She is intrigued by forensics and all things murder. Her interest in finding clues and reasons for crimes takes her into morally-questionable situations. As her relationship with long-time boyfriend, Dave, hits bumps her activities become more whacked.

Dani is clearly flawed and not an easy person to root for. Jules Asner brilliantly created a character that draws the reader into her world as it turns upside down after her break-up. The blind dates that range from good to bizarre help further highlight Dani's craziness. The obstacles and traumatic events that feed Dani's craziness build in frequency and intensity in her mind. The outcome of all these lead to a climax that is a natural progression for the character.

The plot is well-written and fast-paced. This is a book readers will not want to put down. Asner portrays a side of LA that seems completely alien to what many perceive, yet it is believable enough for the reader to feel like a voyeur.

Feeling dubious about this book initially, this reader can say all doubts were baseless. Asner is a talented author whose debut book is engaging and a captivating must-read for summer.

This promotional copy was received during BookExpo America 2009 as a free marketing tool by either the publisher or author and was given to many attendees. It was not given to me to review. I did not receive any compensation from the publisher or author for this review.

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